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Motion Control Dance

Uplifting Lives Through Movement

Inclusive Community Dance Experiences

From the moment you walk through the Motion Control Dance Studio door you will feel cherished and a part of our community dance family. As a result, our members flourish with the combination of teachers who are passionate about watching you or your child blossom. Above all, we create a positive and enjoyable dance experience for everyone.

Focusing upon developing confidence and self-esteem to overcome and break down barriers our members achieve new skills that broaden their horizons. For over 24 years our charity has showcased the impactful achievements and joy that movement can bring.  In addition to delivering fantastic dance projects that benefit the wider community.

Motion Control Dance is a multi award winning community dance charity in the Vale of Glamorgan that uplifts individuals to be their unique self whilst breaking down barriers and transforming lives one movement at a time.
We firmly believe that movement is not just beneficial for the body, but also for the mind and the soul.  Dance is an amazing tool that can help teach individuals respect, discipline, perseverance, time management skills & is a great way to explore your creativity.
Motion Control Dance gives special consideration to non-traditional dance styles the involvement and ease of access to hard to reach young people; including disabled youth, those residing in disaffected and deprived areas, ethnic minorities and those young people at risk of offending.   
The community dance charity advocates the benefits of dance and movement to our community within the context of personal growth, health and social well being, social interaction through an enjoyable and high quality dance experience.





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Motion Control

Our goal is for all our students to feel welcomed, respected, and challenged as they grow with us. Through various movement programs we enrich lives, break down barriers and create positive attributes for life.


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Jean GreenParticipant

"I look forward to each session as it makes me feel so good. There is a very positive atmosphere that allows and encourages one to explore one's sense of self, no pressure, relaxed and comfortable.
It feels wonderful to experience the full wonder of your body through dance, it certainly has benefitted me physically and mentally. It is also good to be part of a group who encourage and support in a safe environment. "

Laura DaviesParent

"My daughter had the best time at dance today, she has always absolutely loved dancing but the last year really lost her motivation for it and wanted to quit. She came out absolutely buzzing showing me how she learnt to pop . She cannot wait to come back next week ! Thank you so much for bringing her spark back and her love for dancing again . It makes me so happy to see her happy and loving it !!"

Lorraine FieldParticipant

"I have found the sessions very good and have a feeling of well-being at the end of each session, which lasts for a quite while. The class is a very friendly and helpful which contributes to the whole environment."

Lynda HargetGrandmother

"An inclusive, friendly, professional unit with a diverse programme that covers all ages. Also individual attention is given to those who need it."

Michelle LawrenceParent

"Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing showcase! From the dancers and costumes to music and definitely captured that community spirit!
On a personal note, my daughter's confidence has really developed since joining MCD and it really showed on stage! She really enjoyed being part of the show and got really involved in the group dance at the end! Amazing!

Merryl JonesParticipant

"I would like to say how much I enjoy your creative dance sessions. I find the warming up section at the beginning invigorating. It's only a short session of easy movements but brings the body to life. For me having to build up a routine by remembering sets of sequences, stirring the "grey cells" as it were, is truly helping me on a daily basis"

Jane PurdenParticipant

"I really enjoy coming to your Tai Chi class in Rhoose. I am 55 and I was nervous about starting to exercise again. I find your Tai Chi class relaxing, uplifting, improves my posture, balance and mobility. I have made new friends, this has been very important to me as we relocated to South Wales last year. You are a friendly, professional and enthusiastic instructor and have made me feel very welcome and supported, I always leave your session feeling I have exercised but I also feel positive and I look forward to the following weeks session. Many thanks"

Helen PasseyParent

""We have loved coming to Motion Control. We are pretty new to Home Education but this is a class we never want to miss each week. My 6-year-old has grown in so much confidence and adores the teacher and all the amazing sessions she creates for us. Motion Control helps us to learn new skills and keep fit. My little one LOVES coming!"

Karen GreeningCarer

“It is amazing for the residents well being. Most of them have said how they used to love dancing back in the day, but different ailments have prevented this as they have got older, but they are now able to participate."

Annamarie VincentParent

"Motion Control Dance is so much more than a dance class, it's a family. Everyone is part of a family where everyone is built up and given a chance to shine. It's a very positive company."

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Motion Control Dance Charity is supported by the following organisations through financial assistance and partnership work for delivering projects to our community.