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Motion Control Dance  are  committed  to  providing  a  safe  and  positive  environment  in  which  all  students  can  feel  empowered,  comfortable  and  free  to  express  themselves.      This  is  a  studio  where  creativity,  individuality  and  self-expression  is  encouraged  and  our  amazing  &  dedicated  teachers  are  passionate about enriching lives and making a difference through movement.  We strive to nurture  and develop talent, celebrate the success of all students and inspire a love and appreciation of all  styles  of  dance.    We  are  dedicated  to  creating  beautiful  &  treasured  memories  by  providing  exciting opportunities and experiences in dance that they will remember forever.

Read our Safe Studio Handbook

All our staff and volunteers undertake safeguarding training annually – here is our safeguarding policy