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Discovering Your Confidence Through Dance

By April 7, 2022No Comments

Discovering Your Confidence Through Dance 

In today’s blog, we here at Motion Control are going to talk about how you can discover your inner confidence through dance and how it can benefit your day-to-day life. To find out more or to book, call Motion Control Dance in Wales on 077255 038 778. 

Finding your Rhythm with Dance  

Whether you want to be a professional dancer or take part in dance as a hobby, you will start gaining confidence without even realising it.  There are so many different avenues that dance can lead you down so when you start looking into them it’s important to make sure you pick what is best suited for you. Along with the many avenues, dance comes with many different dance styles. Some dancers want to excel in just one art form and will focus on that throughout their dance career or just for fun. Other dancers will have a love for more than one and want to push their limits by mastering many different dance styles. Remember, dancing is meant to be fun and be a recourse for people to express themselves. You might want to keep it safe by choosing a style that you know and love, or choose something to challenge yourself! Either way, you will be gaining great confidence. It doesn’t matter how much skill you have; dance will always be a great outlet for people to express themselves.   

Relax and have fun dancing. 

Taking The First Step into Dance

We as humans are inspired to dance by either a beat or rhythm. You must remember to start with what you feel comfortable with! Dance might start for some with a simple foot tap to a catchy rhythm, and when you start to build up that confidence you can take that movement forward, which becomes a dance. For beginner dancers, it is important to become familiar with the rhythm, you will have plenty of chances in dance class to listen to the music and get comfortable with moving your body. By doing this you will then start to see your confidence building class by class. Your newfound confidence will not only come alive in your dance classes but will also start to merge into your everyday life!   

You might not even notice this confidence; it can be very small things such as communication skills, better self-image, or a feel-good attitude, the list can be endless as dance confidence will affect everyone differently. Something that may be small to someone else may be significant to you.   

Learning completely new steps and dance steps is not easy and can be challenging for people. Knowing that you have the capacity to learn a new dance skill and remember the new steps provides you with a great feeling and a sense of achievement.   

Bringing Confidence from Dance into Your Life  

You will have the opportunity to interact with many different people and will eventually start feeling comfortable with communicating with almost anyone.  

 Performance can be a huge part of dance! Eventually, you may decide to take part and perform in front of an audience. Performing helps build your confidence especially when dancers perform for others. Performing will normally require you to be on point and clear with your movements. That requires a great amount of assertiveness which will develop over time but once you start to move more confidently and assertively, the qualities may also start appearing in your daily life! However, if you decide not to perform, you will still be dancing and practicing in front of someone, whether it be your dance teacher, the rest of your class. Dancing around others is something that you will get used to as a beginner and when you do it enough, it will feel effortlessly and will take away all the shy feelings you may have felt at the beginning. 

Boosting Your Self Image By Dance 

Dance can have the potential to improve your self-image! Firstly, it is great for your physical health, so it can make you feel healthier. Most dance studios will have mirrors and you will come face to face with your body, which you might not do normally. 

 Dancing will give you the opportunity to create beautiful lines and poses which will make you feel good and have an understanding of what your body is capable of. The more you practice this in your everyday life you will see yourself in a much more positive light. By performing you will receive praise from your dance teacher, praise can also come from students or observers that may notice you are improving and want to give you compliments. Which in return can make you feel better about your development along with your confidence. Learning to explore and discover your own style can make you feel more confident because you start to forget what other people think by focusing solely on yourself.   


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