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Empowering young people to be inspiring role models and growing leaders


Engaging teenagers in weekly dance sessions to keep them active and allow them to break down barriers on how they perceive themselves and allow them to increase their self-esteem and self-confidence as they enjoy working together.  Our LEAP programme aims to develop positive attributes that will enhance their employability skills as well as challenging their dance knowledge.

This 3 hour session builds upon what they have learnt in previous classes and focuses upon complex choreography and more intricate movements based upon the hip hop dance style. The students build on their technical vocabulary and develop a more individual style.    This session teaches the dancers to lead, be empowered, adapt material and perform their unique dance pieces to our community.

Promotes Service over Self and Encourages Responsibility

LEAP students are encouraged to be of service, with many enjoying the opportunity to ‘give back’ and contribute to the studio community that has served and supported them. Students take their responsibilities seriously and teachers and parents are often surprised as to how well a child ‘rises up’ and cares for the younger students in their MCD class. Acting as role models to junior students, the role helps build on skills first introduced in dance class including good etiquette, punctuality and a positive attitude.

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Fosters relationships across age groups

By assisting as a dance leader within the same class each week, the LEAP student develops strong relationships with younger students within their studio. MCD studio delight in watching friendships evolve across different age groups and these are especially on show at performance and competition times when students really seek out way to support and look out for each other.

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Empowers Individuals and Increases Confidence

Students of the LEAP program have experienced increased levels of confidence and self-esteem, have learnt patience, empathy, communication skills and how to take initiative in different situations. These ‘soft skills’ (or employability skills) are sought after in the workforce. Parents of LEAP students are grateful for the opportunity provided to learn and develop skills in the supported studio environment.

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Encourages communication skills and self motivation

The inclusion of leadership and communication studies and self-awareness activities within the program seeks to encourage students to take responsibility for themselves and empowers them to take care of others as leaders and role models.  LEAP students are encouraged to complete a nationally recognised qualification in  Dance Leaders Level 1 / 2 qualification and is a brilliant opportunity for any young person looking to pursue a career in the dance industry.

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Chloe ThomasStudent Teacher

"I have been a dance leader for Motion Control Dance for a few years now and have completed my 200 hours MV Award and Dance Leaders level 1 & 2 qualifications. I love working with the under 6s classes every Saturday as it makes me feel like I am helping others. I feel like a cherished part of the team at Motion Control Dance as they give me opportunities and experiences that I enjoy."

Kelly ParsonsParent

"My daughter’s love for dance developed at a very young age, but was further developed when she joined Motion Control Dance. She’s been a part of this wonderful team for many years now. In that time her confidence has grown in leaps and bounds. Being a part of the competition team has only further developed her confidence and her love for all things dance. So much so that she now volunteers for the group and helps with the little ones. This not only gives her a sense of achievement whilst watching the younger children’s love for dance grow, but it gives her so much pride as she shares what she knows and loves with those just starting out in the dance world. a big thank you to all the staff at MCD”

Niomi EverittDancer

"I gained an interest in dance from the age of 11 years old. I knew from my first dance lesson with Motion Control Dance that it was something I was passionate about and everything week I would look forward to my dance classes. It made me come out of me shell into this confident motivated person that I never knew I was. I still remember my first competition like it was yesterday, competitions were very competitive and nerve racking but an amazing experience at the same time, the buzz it left you with after performing was unforgettable! Without MCD I would never of even had the opportunity to do this and to see so many places! We went as far as Germany to compete, I have so many memories with dancing with MCD and without them I wouldn't be where I am today. After gaining my GCSE in dance at A* standard I then went on to further education where I studied dance for another 2 years. So from that one dance class at 11 years old it's now brought me to a whole new level, a level I never imagined of reaching! And once again all this is down to Motion Control Dance, an amazing organisation that has inspired so many young people and left me with the best child hood memories all children should experience!"