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Step In Motion

Put a spring in their step and watch their confidence soar.

Dance Classes For Children

Have you spotted your child dancing in the living room? Do they have a groove to the radio in the car? Does your child shimmy down the aisle at the supermarket?

Put a smile on your child’s face with our Step program designed for 5 – 6 years.  At Motion Control Dance we specialise in harnessing that passion and provide an opportunity for our members to thrive and to explore their love of movement in their own unique individual way.  This might be just the right place for your child!

Creative explorations allow your child learn to express themselves in their own unique way. You will see their confidence soar and see their delight as they develop essential physical, social and emotional skills. Sessions will offer a creative way of learning and developing, not just in dance and physical awareness, but sense of self too.

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Parent and Child

Designed for homeschool families, this class allows families to explore and create together providing meaningful and enriching learning experiences beyond the book. Children choose what they want to learn and gain confidence through creativity whilst embracing self expression and positive vibes.

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This 45 min dance class aim to challenge our dancers to go that little bit further than just having fun! It expands on the techniques learned by our tiptoe class.

They will work to improve and develop their balance, coordination, rhythm, creativity, and most of all confidence. The use of upbeat music and wonderful props will provide a great environment for boys and girls to have a blast.  We do some warming up, stretching, progressions across the room (including skips, kicks and basic turning skills).   They will develop potential in their performing skills and mastering basic choreography as well as putting together a dance for our annual concert.

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"Amazing Dance school! My girl enjoys every minute of her classes. The teachers are super friendly as are all the children who attend."

Donna HurleyParent

"My daughters absolutely loved the dance classes through the summer and their confidence came on loads - thank you Motion Control for the experience"

Gemma ClemettParent

“The studio is a safe space where the members are built up to “dance like nobody’s watching’. Its for all ages and abilities and everyone is celebrated for their own achievements and personal development - big or small. My daughters confidence to let herself go and just perform has always held her back but everyone at the studio have kept her positive and nurtured and encouraged her, never pushing too hard but never giving up either! It's the one activity that she always wants to go to and the change we've seen in her general confidence over the last few years has been wonderful!"

Annamarie VincentParent

""Its AMAZING - it makes me happy""

Maisie DicksDancer