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Stride in Motion

Challenge yourself to be the best version of you

Stride into Motion

At Motion Control Dance we believe that everyone has a right to dance and express themselves through movement and from the age of 6-9yrs, dancers have a choice of what dance style they would like to learn.

Our tutors nurture an individual’s creativity through fun and friendly dance experiences in street, break and creative dance. Therefore developing confidence and self-esteem. We encourage and develop talent and welcome individuality.  Celebrating the success of all students and inspire a love and appreciation of all styles of dance.

We praise ourselves as being a unique dance school that makes a difference. Providing our members with a safe environment that encourages and empowers them through movement. Our community dance charity is dedicated to creating beautiful & treasured memories. In addition, offering exciting opportunities and experiences in dance that members will remember forever. After 20 years we still strive to deliver fantastic community dance projects that benefit the wider community.  Through showcasing the achievements and joy of our wonderful students at many community events.

Street Dance

Street dance is a term used to cover many different dance styles. At Motion Control Dance we encompass as much as we can and keep it real, teaching the origins/foundations of authentic vocabulary.  As street dance did not evolve from the studio, we encourage freedom of expression and movement as well as routines and foundation movements of hip hop, locking, house, waacking and list goes on.

Your child will have to chance to explore authentic street dance styles, developing their artistry and team work skills.  Self esteem and endurance bring positivity as they enjoy performing the set routines.

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Breakdance, also called B-boying or breakin’, involves coordination, style, flexibility and rhythm and is one of the most improvisational dance styles. Our Breakdance sessions are fast paced and athletic and is great for those children with endless energy.

They learn self motivation as they develop their unique style improving coordination, flexibility and rhythm whilst learning cool moves that will impress others.

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Creative Dance

In our Creative Dance class, you will go on a journey of motion. You will learn to move in a creative, freeing and graceful way in the contemporary dance style, whilst transforming your posture and balance and improving your fitness.
Children love exploring and creating their own unique way of moving in this class. Essential skills of problem-solving, collaborative and motor skills flourish. It can help children’s social and emotional development, and this can, in turn, be of benefit in other spheres of life.
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Martin JamesParent

“Our daughter has been attending this fantastic studio for about the last 2 years, in that time her skills, confidence and the opportunities she’s had to perform in competitions and various shows has been second to none, massive thank you to all the instructors for everything you have done for our daughter, we look forward to what the future holds #DanceFamily”

Holly JonesParent

Absolutely thrilled with the service E-Motion Dance offers their students. 10 out of 10 from me!

Sholah HurleyDancer

“It makes me feel happy as we have so much fun together learning new dance moves - we are like one big family supporting each other”

Morgan ParsonsDancer

“Thank you to all at Motion Control Dance as you all helped to keep me smiling while I was ill - I am really thankful for it. I love you”

Kym HaanParent

My son Leo was born with a brain damage and has no peripheral vision & other sight problems. Since joining the Boy Breakers group, it has opened up a whole new world for him. Leo loves Callum the tutor and wants to be just like him when he grows up! When Callum invited him into a "dance off" at the Bay competition, he did so well and felt like one of the 'Big Boys'! He thinks its cool when Emma tells him to 'give attitude'.......... so he does! Leo loves performing and our family was so proud of him at the Summer Show, giving it his all and being part of his group. He now dances everywhere......supermarket aisles, down the street, family gatherings etc etc. As Leo says in his own words:- "Dancing is my life"!! Thank you Emma and all your lovely team. xx

Dionne McCarthyDancer

"I enjoy learning new skills every week and being part of a lovely friendly dance group. I always feel very happy after every class and look forward to the next class! I also find my teacher very creative and inspiring!"

Charlotte ConnorsParent

"This is one of the best dance schools for teaching breakdance, my eldest and youngest, love the class they attend every Wednesday, we travel 60 miles one way to get there. Definitely bring your children to this studio! 😀"

Kelly McCarthyParent

"My daughter absolutely loves Motion Control Dance and her team, she has been going since she was 4years old she's now 9. She learns something new every session and feels part of a dance family. I would highly recommend Motion Control Dance studio."