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The Benefits Of Dance For Older People

By October 5, 2022May 5th, 2023No Comments

Dance as a whole can have incredible benefits, both mentally and physically, for anyone participating. For older people, not only does dance have a great impact on their physical health, but it can also improve their mental wellbeing.

3 Ways Dance Improves Physical Health for Older People

As we age our bodies begin to change and and we lose muscle mass, coordination and balance. This makes it more likely that older people will fall over and injure themselves. Dancing provides multiple health benefits for seniors, including improving your cardio, balance, and mood.

1) Improves Balance 

Typically, dance requires the transfer of weight from one foot to the other, along with some movements only being done on one foot. This helps older people improve their balance which is increasingly important with age. Balance and coordination can be learned over time through weekly dance classes.

2) Provides Cardio

Dance is a great form of cardio because it will raise the heart rate and get oxygen moving through your system. Cardio has great overall health benefits for older adults including; boosting cardiovascular health, lowering blood pressure and enhancing sleep.

3) Improves Flexibility 

Through dancing your are able to gain gradual flexibility improvement. Simply moving the body in gentle ways can lead to more flexible muscles and joints. Dancing allows older people to have easier movement in everyday life.

3 Ways Dance Improves Mental Health for Older People

It is common knowledge that dance and other forms of exercise are good for your physical health, but not many people talk about how beneficial dancing can actually be for a persons mental health and wellbeing.

1) Creates Social Opportunities 

Attending dance classes give older people the opportunity to meet and socialise with new people. Older people will start to form friendships and meet other like minded people their own age which will help them maintain their social life.

2) Boosts Mood and Confidence 

Dance allows older people to be more active, socialise and develop creative and physical skills. Confidence can be boosted from achievements within dance but also from participating in physical activity which can allow them to feel more comfortable within their own bodies. Dance also allows older people to get creative and let loose which reduces stress and decreases the symptoms of both anxiety and depression, therefore leading to their mood being boosted.

3) Opportunities to Express Themselves 

Dance is an expression. It offers a creative and artistic outlet to older people, giving them the opportunity to express themselves through movement. Being able to move in such a freeing and emotional way again results in the mood being boosted and an improvement in mental health.

How to Get Started

Motion Control Dance is a charitable dance community working to enrich lives through movement. We believe that everyone deserves the chance to dance which is why we run many classes and sessions for older people in the community. Get started by joining one of our many classes for seniors.

Classes we offer:

  1. Tai Chi
  2. Low Impact Functional Training (LIFT)
  3. Dance (People with Dementia Only)
  4. Dance (Mature in Motion)
  5. Dance (People with Parkinson’s Only)

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