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Top Tips for Success

By April 7, 2022No Comments

Top Tips for a Success in Your Dance School:

Like any academic pursuit or sport, it is important to be prepared, both physically and mentally, for your upcoming year or event.  The same holds true for your dance class.  The teaching team at the Motion Control Dance offers the following “Tips for Success” for all dance students to consider.  

In the dance world, on time is late! Please try your best to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class to ensure you are ready to begin class at the designated time.

Please warm up and stretch before class so you that are ready to bend, jump, and twirl!

Make sure you use the toilet prior to class to minimise the need to leave during class (this is true for all – from our youngest to our oldest students!).

If you feel that you may need a drink during class, please bring a bottle of water with you! Only clear liquids in the studios please.

All girls should have their hair secured back.   If a child’s hair is too short, make sure it is at least pulled back from the face.

Please wear proper dance attire.  Leggings, tracksuit bottoms, t shirts and trainers or bare feet.  No adornment as we prefer to have our students stand out for how they dance vs. what they are wearing.  Our dancers should sparkle from within!

We know that conflicts arise, but please try to inform your teacher if a student will not be in class on a given day.

In between classes, respect the lobby space in the studio and the hallways outside of the studio. Please try to stay quiet so that you do not disrupt other classes in the YMCA building. Also please be mindful of any trash that you are leaving around.  If you sit in the cafe please respect they are a business and order food – do not take your own!

We advocate a direct line of communication between the directors, teachers, students, and families. If you have an issue or concern with anything at all, please let us know so we can address it directly as efficiently as possible.

You can refer to the Motion Control Dance Handbook that you received via email upon registering for classes for all of these tips and more!

Feel free to email us at or call 07725038778 with any further questions, or come in to talk to us directly!