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Why Dance Has No Boundaries

By April 7, 2022No Comments

Dance is limitless and that is the beauty of it. There are many reasons why we take part in dance classes whether it be for fitness, pure enjoyment or competitively. However, did you know that dance can open up a new perspective of life by the benefits of dance that aid our everyday lives.

In today’s blog, we here at Motion Control Dance believe that dance has no boundaries. To find out more or to book, call Motion Control Dance in Barry on 07725 038 778.

Inclusivity With Dance

Dance is beneficial for everyone, so why not get yourself moving! Whether it be tapping your foot to a catchy song or moving your whole body. With that being said, dance is a fun activity that everyone can take part in.

No matter who you are, people come together through dance. Dance provides entertainment for people of all ages, races, and backgrounds.

Dancing With Disabilities

We believe that dance classes should be inclusive and nobody should be left out. It is often a huge challenge for people that have disabilities to join in certain physical activities which is no fault of their own, it is down to there not being enough out there on offer for them which is a shame.

Just because one may have a disability, doesn’t mean it is an inability. We here at motion control believe that everyone deserves the chance to enjoy a dance class and to be able to create their art through dance. Sessions will normally include activities for them that include movement-based dance to encourage agility, balance, and coordination. Dance class provides a safe space where no matter who you are you all have one thing in common, which is the enjoyment of dance. People who were one day strangers, now have the potential to become friends and bond over the experiences they have shared on the dance floor.

Finding Confidence Through Dance

Music is powerful and when we hear music we are naturally inclined to sing or dance along to the rhythm. Finding your confidence through dance is a beautiful thing, especially as dance is an activity that is so natural for everyone.

Anyone can start dancing at any age! Many of us will have attended dance classes from a young age which can be proven to build children’s confidence as they grow into adults. This is a reason why it’s so important that dance is offered for everyone so it can help build people’s confidence no matter how old they are.

We know that dance can help with children’s confidence but did you know that it can help as we reach a mature age. Keeping yourself moving is important as we know, but even more so as we get older. Dance provides that vital agility and movement which can help elderly people find confidence with their movement to show that they still got it. With this, it also provides a great bonding experience that people are able to make friends and socialise with others, that have the same interests as them.

Dance classes enjoyed by everyone

No matter how young or old you are. It has been proven time and time again that dance can be enjoyed by everyone.  There are so many benefits that come from dance, so why wouldn’t you want to be a part of it. Dancing is an amazing way for elderly people to keep fit and healthy which can result in them maintaining their strength and strong bones, whilst also keeping that memory active! A huge part of dance is music! Just by listening to music our brains are noting down lyrics and also patterns in sound which is amazing for our memory.

As we know physical fitness plays a huge role in dance, but did you know it can also release feel-good endorphins into the bloodstream. Dance can be enjoyed by everyone, and that is the beauty of it! When you hear music you are naturally inclined to sing along or dance along to the rhythm.

And we here at Motion Control Dance believe that everyone should experience all these great benefits through dance

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